Green Planet Parties
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This is the founder of Green Planet Parties, Suzanne (me!) with her kids who are a continual source of inspiration with finding sustainable, but fun supplies for kids parties! Thank you for shopping at Green Planet Parties!

As parents itís easy to appreciate how many birthday parties busy families experience in any given month.  Hosting and attending birthday parties, although a childhood rite of passage, much anticipated and enjoyed by everyone involved, can feel terribly wasteful and excessive.  Itís not hard to picture all of the leftovers going into the big green garbage bags along with paper plates, printed napkins, plastic cutlery and cups. Followed up by all the gifts for the birthday child packaged in plastic then wrapped with wrapping paper or a gift bag.  This of course topped off with goodie bags for the guests filled with dollar store plastic items destined for the landfill after they are broken or discarded by the children later that day. 

Green Planet Parties goal is helping families in their desire to lead more sustainable lives through the everyday choices we make and the education we provide our children about nature and our part in it. We can all, one person at a time, learn a little more and practice taking better care of mother earth.

Green Planet Parties is very proud of the eco-friendly, locally produced and artisan handcrafted gifts, biodegradable tableware, reusable decorations and goodie bags weíve put together for people who are interested in a greener way for everyday choices.